Until the World Goes Cold

A collaborative work made over 12 days for the SOS game jam

I was the artist and design lead for this project as part of a small team of 3.

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                 Aden Webb

                 Jack Brewer

It was a really labour intensive project which so much open world to create and different assets to produce for the programming team, but we're all really satisfied with what we produced.

The theme for this jam was 'The name of a song', so we chose Until the World goes cold by Trivium. The basic premise is a little survival game where the goal is to live by fighting off enemies and crafting items until the world goes cold, when you can escape the frozen wastleland.

This is probably one of my favourite games to play out of all the ones I've worked on; you can just walk around chasing fireflies for your lantern which is really theraputic.