the bake escape

A cartoony baking-themed escape room experience

This is a project I completed for a second year module (got a first, yay!).

The assignment was to make an escape room experience with at least two puzzles, complete with custom models, textures, and sound. I chose a bakery theme to contrast the general 'edginess' of escape rooms, and have a go at something a bit more whimsical.

I planned out my project thouroughly before beginning to help me stay on track and within scope. I created an in depth miro document covering everything I would need to reference throughout development, including a specification analysis, UX planning, user stories, production plan, and moodboards and soundscapes to theme my assets. This was one of my favourite parts of the project, and allowed me to develop this experience to the best of my ability.

I made a system to allow players to explore the environment to find ingredients, combine them according to a recipe, and bake a cake to appease their captor. This took a lot longer than I anticipated to make feel natural and immersive, so it did take some of the focus away from other aspects of the project such as texturing and lighting, but I'm proud of the extra level of gameplay it adds to the experience.

This being my first foray into 3d modelling, I really like how the room looks, although, as mentioned earlier, I would have liked to invest more time in getting the lighting and texturing to the same quality, as I feel they let the rest of it down.

The last thing I like about this is my use of music to shape user experience. The soundtrack is linked to player actions, so the game can alternate between calm and intensely stressful songs as the player progresses through the puzzles. This makes the experience far more immersive, and adds a nice level of polish.