A voxel based dungeon crawler designed to be played with an adult on a PC with a controller and an optional second player as a child on a webapp on a tablet.

I worked as part of Team Supine to build this multiplayer game as part of a second year module. We worked with a Live Client, Luke McGough, to identify a set of objectives for our project and create a proof of concept he can develop further as he so wishes.

I took on the following roles for this project:

  • Scrum Master - I oversaw all of the project planning and management procedures, using tools such as Jira and Slack to maintain team communication and follow Agile workflow.

  • Lead Designer - I controlled the overall aesthetics of the project, creating all of the 3d assets myself in MagicaVoxel and assisting the secondary designer by providing specifications and feedback on completed work.

  • Programmer - I contributed to the coding of the project alongside my other team members. I mainly focused on tasks involving the visual aspects, such as implementing animations, controlling the UI, and hiding obstacles when they obscure the player. I also built a system to randomly generate levels given a list of room prefabs, to increase replayability. I explain my process in the developer walkthrough video linked at the bottom of the page.

summary solution fact sheet v2.png