software development

As well as using C# and Unity to develop the games shown in the Projects section, I've also built and studied a variety of non-game systems. This has helped develop my skills regarding Object Orientated Programming, designing complex systems from a list of requirements, and testing, which I've then been able to apply to Game Development.


For this module, used O.O.P. in C# to build a system for weather stations to record, retrieve and compare weather data. This was my first experience of building a GUI with Windows forms to read in and output data. As my first ever coding module, I'm proud of how much I completed, especially as I went beyond the base requirements of the assignment to create a  system that generates graphical representation of results.


In this module I studied Algorithms and Data Structures and how (and why) they can be implemented to improve efficiency of programming tasks. I then created and used relevent structures in a real-world computing task


I'm currently studying this module, in which I'm building a patient management system using Java on Netbeans. This involves learning design patterns, and knowing when such patterns would be suitable for a development project.