uni projects

Here are summaries for the past projects I've created as part of my degree.


tap tap dungeon

This is a dungeon crawler for parents and children to play together made as a team for a Live Client module in Stage 2. 

Player 1 explores randomly generated dungeons on a PC. Children can join on a tablet webapp and use bombs, heals, and traps to help or hinder player one.

I worked as Scrum Master, Lead Designer, and programmer on this project.

  • Overseeing team project management

  • Use of Jira and Slack to assist teamwork

  • Communication with Live Client

  • 3D models made in MagicaVoxel

FLIP .png

codename: tortoise

This is a low-poly tower defense game I made for my mechanics module for Stage 2. 

Players control a farmer who has to defend their lettuce from waves of oncoming tortoise by delaying their approach until the timer hits 0. 

My development for this project was focused on compelling gameplay built around a core mechanic, managed using an agile workflow. 

  • Unity 3d Development

  • Agile project management

  • Iterative development

header pic.png


Hoodlum is a robo-themed rouguelike made over the course of a semester for Stage 1 of my degree.

This is my first solo project, and I did all off the project management, programming, art and level design for it before releasing it for free download on itch.io.

  • Unity 2d Development

  • Pixel art animation and tilesheet creation

  • Level design

  • First solo project

game jams

Read on for summaries of my favourite game jams I've taken part in over the last few years.


awoot of control

  • Farming sim crossed with tower defense

  • Made over 48 hours week in a 4 person team

  • I made all of the pixel art and animations for the project

  • Play as a werewolf shepard who must protect their herd from themself using special plants

I really like the art I made for this project - inspired by classic top down 16 bit games, in bright complementary colours, everything meshes together really well.


agent: untouchable

  • Museum based puzzle stealth game with minigames to unlock abilities

  • Made over a week in a 3 person team

  • I made all of the pixel art and animations for the project

  • Worked with teammates to design a level to guide player to fun and engaging gameplay

This is the best pixel art I've made so far; I think it's clear to see my improvements from the last pixel art I did for 0.99c, and made the project look cohesive and polished.

beepboop thumbnail.png

beep boop i'm gigi (hello)

  • 2.5d puzzle platformer

  • Made over 48 hours in a 4 person team

  • I was the sole artist and creative lead, and worked with the rest of my team to design the concept and gameplay

  • I built tilesheets to allow for flexible level design

This is one of my favourite projects. I love the art style I created, find it fun to play, and think the environment to explore is really interesting and fun


until the world goes cold

  • Survival Game

  • Made over 72 hours in a 3 person team

  • I was the sole artist, and assisted with game design 

  • Hand drawn and animated 

I'm especially proud of my art for this project, I feel it suits the game perfectly and all aspects of the game art and UI mesh together really well