One of the key skills I have developed over my time at uni is project management. With this in mind, I have become increasingly interested in production roles, allowing me to plan and organise projects while still being able to be a part of other disciplines I enjoy such as art, design, and software development.

Here I'm showcasing some examples of how I have managed previous projects, with more to come as I take on the role of 'Scrum Master' for a team project this term.

For my tortoise tower defense game, I focused on building up the game iteratively following agile workflows.

Using trello, I seperated all of the work required for my game into week long sprints. Each sprint consisted of cards for each activity, labelled to show which discipline they required, annotated with story points to show how much time I expected to spend on them, and outlined in detail through checklists and descriptions.

As this was my first experience with agile, my setup lacked some key features such as a backlog, and doesn't strictly adhere to any specific methodology such as Scrum or Kanban. It did however familiarise me with woring iteratively to create working prototypes each sprint, reviewing work done every sprint to improve work patterns and adjust future sprints as needed, and allocating story points to tasks to avoid overscoping my sprints.

For my bakery escape game, I created user stories to map out how the users would move through the game, and used this to build up a production plan. This allowed me to see clearly all the aspects I needed to create for this project, and helped inform my sprint planning for the project.

I'm currently beginning my role as Scrum Master for a team of 4 for a live client module at uni. I plan to use this opportunity to improve my understanding and use of agile, specifically following the Scrum method to manage the project.

Working in a group will give me better understanding of how to help others follow Scrum and how roles are divided between the product owner, scrum master, and technical leads.

For this project, I have decided to move away from Trello and use Clubhouse to organise my teams workflow. I've chosen Clubhouse because it offers more features such as distinct Epic planning and generation of Burn-down charts, which I think will me manage the team and our workflow.

To prepare for this role, I completed a course on LinkedIn Learning about being a Scrum Master and gain a better understanding of Scrum itself.

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