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Plans and Prototypes - Weekly Update #3

Hi again! This week has been spent putting some groundwork in for both of my projects. Lots of planning and prototyping, adjusting sprints and deadlines for my Trello, and basically just getting some good footing for the oncoming weeks of work. It's so nice to see everything laid out step by step, I find it makes the projects and deliverables way less intimidating!

AINT 254 - Interactive Systems Workshop

I've spent a lot of time this week planning for my in class Mechanics Demo, which is coming up in the next few days. This meant I had to have a working prototype which shows of my mechanic, which in turn required me to invest some time into project management so I could have a clear checklist of what I want to have completed for the demo. To organise my tasks, I updated my trello board for this project with a point system to show how much time I'm expecting to spend on each card. Given the time estimates, I also shuffled the sprints around a bit to ensure that each sprint takes roughly a week of dev time each.

I also put some good hours into building my prototype in Unity! It's at a stage where it's pretty much ready for the demo, I'd just like to add a scene manager to make it feel more professional, and win/lose states to make it feel more like a game.

Since last week I've added goal selection to the tortoise, which makes them compare all of the possible 'goals' in the scene - lettuce patch, decoy food, and flipped tortoise that need help - and move towards the closest one. When moving towards an object they now turn to face it, which is a tiny tweak that really makes them feel like independent creatures, rather than just objects. Food sources have a health system attached to them so they take damage when in contact with a tortoise and die when health hits 0. Players can now also right click to spawn in decoy food to distract tortoise, with a recharge time so it can't just be spammed.

It's so nice to see it actually coming together, especially when so much of it has been done using techniques I've never used before (like the sub state machine). So exciting!

AINT 253 - Design Process

This week has seen a lot more focus on planning the assets I'll need for my escape room.

A massive part of this planning was creating moodboards for all of the key models and visuals in miro. I broke down the project using my production plan into all of the different visual parts of the experience - from bakery layout and lighting to puzzle pieces and set pieces to help build the world. Searching through the images to find ones which resonated with me helped me realise that my visual theme is going to be heavily influenced by vintage french design. Everything I picked out matched that description, helping to build the contrast between the quaint cutsey visuals and the tense time-restricted gameplay.

Some early unwrapping practice

I also got some practice in with unwrapping 3d models to create UV maps in blender. With a bit of practice I got the swing of it quite well, and began looking into how textures can be used. My current plan is to create low poly models and handpainted textures to wrap around them, which I'm hoping will give it the clean, uncluttered feel of low poly while also giving the models character and detail. Really excited about this way of approaching models, I think it'll give my game a really pleasing, unique art style and really show off my skills.

My last bit of time this week was spent playing around with Audacity and Nanostudio to explore sound effect and soundtrack creation. I don't have much to show for it now as it was a lot of playing around to familiarise myself with the programs, but I'm hoping to invest some more time into audio over the next week and have some fun stuff to show off, so make sure you check back!

That's about it for this week! Both projects are starting to take off, so I'm looking forward to seeing where I am at this point next week. Hopefully see you then! Thanks for reading :)