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Let's do this! - Weekly Update #1

Welcome to the first installment of weekly dev blogs!

Let's jump right in:

This week has mainly focused on introductions to my modules and brainstorming initial ideas. It's been good to create a proper plan for my work and add some structure to my time after a long summer of random bursts of work for gamejams and not a lot else (oops). Very excited to get this year in full swing!

AINT 254 - Interactive Systems Workshop

For this module we're going to create a game with a unique mechanic following an agile workflow. Since this was our introductory session I don't have a lot of content to share, just this peek into my conceptualisation phase, trying to settle on a mechanic to build my game around.

Coggle Mindmap to explore ideas

As you can see, I've got a fair amount of ideas that I would love to develop into a full project, but at this point in time most of them have issues with scope; no point doing an awesome idea if I can't get it up to a good standard in time. I'll continue developing ideas over the week and hopefully settle on a more reasonable goal by next week, and start making it a reality. Stay tuned for next week to see how it pans out!

This is about it for this module, so onto Design Processes!

AINT 253 - Design Process

For the Design Process module we're going to create an interactive escape room with 3d models made in Blender and considering user stories and experience in our design.

Again, I have been brainstorming themes and possible puzzles for my escape room using Coggle, which you can check out below if you're curious.

Mindmap of escape room initial concepts

I have two solid ideas which I'm really excited about for this project; a creepy pastel pink bakery where you have to escape from an angry baker, and a cat burglar game where you use a laser pointer to direct your cat to interact with the world to solve the puzzles. I think both would work well, but I've settled on the bakery idea for now, as I think the cat game would be better as a larger scale game with lots of rooms to traverse, rather than just one room to escape.

I have a few ideas for puzzles in mind (detailed in the mindmap) which I will add to over the coming week as I start development.

Blender Practice - Low poly birthday cake!

I also spent some time practicing and becoming familiar with Blender. As a fun little exercise I made this low poly cake to get myself used to the controls and tools available to me. I did some 3d modelling over the summer, but in 3dsMax instead, so it's taking a while to retrain my brain (hey ho, fun excuse to do some art and consider it work!!). I really like the look of this style of model, so I think I may do my project in a similar low-poly style, but I'll do more tests before I decide anything for sure. I think stylized art styles such as this work well for indie devs, because it can look really smart and polished without spending hours trying to make it look life-like. Plus it's pretty to look at! Win win!

That's all for today! Next week I'll be doing more actual development on both of my projects, so check back to see what I've been up to :)