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Models and Extra Moves - Weekly Update #6

This week has seen lots of development on both projects! Development for my Bakery escape game is kicking off with some basic models and experimentation with first person controllers, while Codename: Tortoise has seen some UI changes and new actions available to the player!

AINT 254 - Interactive Systems Workshop

This week I started implementing a whole new action that players can do to deter tortoise; they can YELL! This scares tortoise within range back into their shell for a given period of time. Because this can affect multiple tortoises, it adds a lot to the game, and helps slow down swarms quite well. A basic animation shows the range affected, and pulses when the player yells to give a feeling of impact and effect. It still feels quite flat, but this should be improved on in later weeks with the addition of player animations and sound effects.

As well as building the new action, I had to create a system to switch between actions. Now players can left click on a tortoise to flip them, toggle through current secondary actions with spacebar, and do the secondary action with right click! It's working well, but next step is definitely to add some more visual representation and which secondary move is currently selected.

As you can see, I also made a small adjustment to the action recharge graphics; they now fill up in a circle, allowing them to take up less screen space (VERY important as I add more and more actions to the game) and make room for large icons in the centre, so you can clearly see which bar is linked to which move. I really like my icons for each move, I think they're clear and add some (much needed) polish to the prototype.

AINT 254 - Interactive Systems Workshop

I finally have a good collection of models! This week has been purely modelling for the Bakery game, building up a good environment to set the scene so that I can start on scripting the puzzles in next week.

As you can see here, my goal for these models is to include most of the fine details needed so I don't need to go back and edit them too much at a later point, but with either no or very basic texturing. With only basic texturing, I was able to crank out lots of models in a short time to build up the scene. This also means I can do all the texturing on one hit, meaning it should be easier to create a cohesive theme and style with regards to colour palette and depth of texturing.

Heres a basic walkthrough of the room as it stands, with all the basic models implemented.

That's it for this week! Thanks for reading :)