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Juice-ification and research - Weekly Update #7

Hello again! This week I started working on adding some juice to my tortoise game and figuring out how to make some satisfying interactions in my escape room. Let's go for it!

AINT 254 - Interactive Systems Workshop

This week I've been playing around with minor adjustments that will make my tortoise game feel more 'juicy'; satisfying and impactful. A key thing I implemented as part of this was some particle effects which shoot out from food as it's being eaten, to mimic debris from the tortoise.

The particle effects still need some tweaking, as they appear to float off rather than fly off, but it's a good start which does at least indicate that something is happening to the food as it takes damage. I'll continue to play around with this, changing origin points and maybe applying gravity to particles, and refine the effect over coming weeks.

As you can see, I also made a few minor visual tweaks; icons for play and replay, a more suitable font, and carrot models for the decoy food. This helps pull the game toegther a lot, making it feel a lot more polished.

Next week I'm conducting some more user testing to get some feedback on gameplay and visuals, so will spent some time prepping the game for testing and planning out how to collect and respond to the data.

AINT 254 - Interactive Systems Workshop

I've spent a chunk of time figuring out how players interact with objects in my escape room, and making these interactions feel intuitive and natural. So far I've managed to implement a basic system which gives feedback in the console when an interactable object is hovered over and clicked on, which will be a good framework to build around. As this is what I want to test in my upcoming user-testing sessions, I've been figuring out how to give visual signs that certain objects are interactable, such as with a glow or an outline when the item is hovered over. This is proving more difficult than expected, with shaders looking like one of the best options, so I've mainly been researching how to build one to get this up and running.

Not a huge amount to show this week, a lot of planning and prep work, so hopefully by next week I'll have been able to implement my new knowledge and have something flashy to show off!

That's been my week! Really happy with how progress is going, and constantly thanking the stars for giving me Trello boards to keep my development on track; I would be so lost and unmotivated if I didn't have lots of little tasks to check off each week.

Thanks for reading!

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