• JosieGameDev

Hello World!

Hello from my mini me!!

Welcome to my Dev Blog! I'm creating this space for me to write about my game dev career and keep you updated on what I'm working on as I go!

A quick intro to my life at the moment:

I'm just starting my second year of University studying Computing and Games Development in Plymouth. First year was ace and I'm proud of what I achieved (see the Hoodlum page for my first full game!) but I'm very much looking forward to this year being more focused on making Games. I have two modules this term focused on Game Dev (yay!), and will be recording my progress on this site as a series of weekly blog posts detailing what I've been up to. I will also be doing more regular little updates on my Twitter, so check that out for all the small stuff that doesn't make it into the weekly post.

I think that's everything for now! Watch this space, as I'll be putting up posts every Tuesday starting from this evening. Thanks for reading :)