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All the feedback - Weekly Update #4

This week has had a few deadlines to get prototypes and planning documents in for peer review, which has given me a good kick to get stuff up to date and get some good feedback. Let's do it!

AINT 254 - Interactive Systems Workshop

Google forms feedback re: camera angle

This week we had a demo or die to test our prototype game mechanics. I made a google form to collect feedback from users, which gave me a really good insight into what next steps I should take to make the base mechanic of my game as fun and satisfying as possible. One of the key things I found was that players thought the game would better suit a top-down or isometric camera angle, rather than the third person one I had originally planned. Other key comments included not being able to tell when the tortoise was flipped and having random tortoise speeds to vary gameplay.

In the following days I adjusted the next sprint based off of this feedback and started work, creating a rough tortoise model to implement to show tortoise movement and direction more clearly, changing the camera view to isometric, and giving tortoise random speeds. This is a recording of where gameplay is with these features added.

My first tortoise model

Since then I've also added basic scene management, with an opening screen, a test level, and win/lose screens which either show the player how much time was left on the clock when all their lettuce died or shows the percentage of lettuce that survived. It's feeling way more like an actual game with these changes implemented, ready to do a few weeks of dev on it and get some feedback on the gameplay at our next demo.

AINT 253 - Design Process

This week we had a chance to mark one anothers design work against the mark scheme. It was good to look at it from the markers perspective, and allowed me to spot a few areas missing in my own project. A big part that was missing was User Experience planning, so I spent some time breaking down my escape room game into the goal mental states, interactions which cause those mental states, and functions to implement the interactions.

With a few finishing touches to my design documentation, such as a deeper look at the flow of UI and example sound assets, I think I'll be ready to start building my game from my design work. This is the most in-depth planning I've done for a project like this, so it feels really good to have such a clear image and grasp on what I want to make and achieve going into it.

With the design phase coming to an end, I was able to invest some hours this week into practicing the skills we've been developing to create our escape rooms. As well as playing around on Nanostudio to get a feel for what sort of sounds I might like to include in my sound moodboard, I modelled this door using some reference photos of a door on campus. I'm really proud of how it turned out, and having dedicated some time to practicing Blender I feel far more confident in my skills to start creating art assets for my project.

And that has been my week! Some massive changes to my Tortoise game which I'm really proud of, some key details added to my Escape Room Plans, and a clear view of the next steps.

My Trello Boards are proving vital to my management of the two modules, making it so easy to check which tasks I've set myself for the week and how much time I have to spend on them. Trello has been especially useful this week with recieving feedback on both of my projects, as it was quick and easy to adjust my project plan accordingly.

It's been a good week, thanks for reading, see you next time!