A roguelike minigame with a paint based power-up system made over 3 hours as an exercise.


Core features of game:

  • Very basic pixel graphics to save time doing art

  • Extra bullet power up from blue paint

  • Super speedy power up from purple paint

  • Invincible power up from pink paint

  • Player sprite changes colour to show current mode

Before starting my second year of uni, I challenged myself to make a game in 3 hours. This is the result; it was entirely planned, illustrated, coded and assembled within 3 hours at the start of September.

I'm pretty proud of how much I managed to pump out over the time limit, and it was a good excuse to go over the skills learnt in making my full sized roguelike, Hoodlum.


Just pumping this out cemented a lot of my knowledge and understanding of unity and basic programming for this type of game, putting me in a good starting place to resume my degree in the coming weeks.

In the future I may develop this into a full sized game, with proper balance and polish, and as it stands there are so many parts that make me cringe that I would love to fix, but at the end of the day I made it in 3 hours; I'm just proud it works!