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Hoodlum is a robo-themed rouguelike made over the course of a semester for a university assignment.

This is my first solo project, and I did all off the project management, programming, art and level design for it before releasing it for free download on


in development 

Follow my development of my current projects on my Dev Blog, where weekly updates document the process

codename: tortoise

This is a low-poly tower defense game I'm making for my mechanics module for Stage 2. 

Players control a farmer who has to defend their lettuce from waves of oncoming tortoise by delaying their approach until the timer hits 0. 

My development for this project is focused on compelling gameplay built around a core mechanic, managed using an agile workflow. 

  • Unity 3d Development

  • Agile project management

  • Iterative development

bakery escape

This is an interactive escape room experience set in a bakery for my design module in Stage 2.

Players awake to find themselves trapped in a bakery by an angered baker, with limited time to follow clues, solve puzzles, and offer acceptable apologies in order to escape before time runs out. 

This project is focused on an in depth design process, considering user experience and interactions, and creating custom models and audio to build up the experience. 

  • Unity 3d Development

  • Design Documentation

  • Model creation in Blender

  • Sound Design and synthesis

game jams

until the world goes cold

  • Survival Game

  • Made over 72 hours in a 3 person team

  • I was the sole artist, and assisted with game design 

  • Hand drawn and animated 

I'm especially proud of my art for this project, I feel it suits the game perfectly and all aspects of the game art and UI mesh together really well 


  • Choices led space exploration game 

  • Made over 72 hours in a 3 person team

  • All art done by me, assisted with game design and content creation

  • Pixel art 

This project called for a new art-style for me to attempt, with a retro pixel theme. I really like most of the art created, but in hindsight a lot of it doesn't fit together

paint power-ups

  • Power-up based roguelike

  • Made in 3 hours 

  • Developed as a solo dev; all programming, design, and art done by me

I'm proud that I managed to create a complete product for this hyper-time constricted jam. I tend to take on more creative roles in jams, so it was good to see that I can also program and develop within limited timeframes


  • Element based Tower defense game

  • Made as part of a 4 person team 

  • Lead artist

  • Stylised 2d art

My favourite part of this project is the UI elements; I designed them to match the summoning-circle elemental theme of the game, and they all tie together nicely to add a lot of polish to the project

beyond this world

  • My first ever game jam entry

  • Spooky themed puzzle platformer

  • Made over a week as half of a two person team 

  • Sole artist, level design and game design contributor

  • Hand drawn and animated 

  • First attempt at sound design 

While this isn't technically impressive, I'm proud of this project as my first foray into game jams. I think my artwork is charming and unique, and creating this project helped introduce me to the workflow of making and releasing a game within a limited timeframe.