tort banner.png

codename: tortoise

A lettuce-y twist on a tower defense game

This is a project I completed for a second year module (got a first, yay!).

The assignment was to use agile methodology to create a game prototype based off of a unique mechanic. For my mechanic, I chose a tower defense game where enemies can only be slowed down, not killed. The player controls a farmer who has to try and protect his prize lettuce by flipping, distracting and scaring tortoise until the timer hits 0.

This was a really fun project for me to work on, and I'm proud of the state of my prototype. I think it needs some work to balance gameplay and improve the visuals, but it's a good proof of concept that I find enjoyable. I'm most proud of the theming of the game and the cutesy style, and my use of the animator sub state machine and the singleton pattern to develop the game.