A cute platformer played as a broken robot in search for his missing parts

In between the two semesters of my second year of university, I took part in Global Game Jam 2020 alongside 3 of my peers. The next semester, I was going to be working as a team with 2 of them, so this jam was a good opportunity to get familiar with one another and used to working as a team.

(Check out the rest of my teams at the twitter accounts here:)

As a team, we took the jam theme of 'Repair' and turned it into our concept; a platformer where the main robot starts 'broken', influencing gameplay, and must find it's missing parts to complete the experience. This is represented by giving players a limited view of the environment and inverted controls, so they have to repair themselves in order to reach the end.

I did all of the art for the project, planning out designs and theming with the use of moodboards so I could get approval from my team. The art was a mix of tileable assets to the level designer could easily build up the enviornment, and the hand drawn and animated player character. I really like my character design for GiGi, and feedback from peers and players so far has confirmed this; it's a cute character that people root for, so they genuinely want to help it and finish the game. The world itself looks really good, I'm proud of the amount of polish I was able to achieve in such a short amount of time.

I really love this game, and am proud to be able to show it off.